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What Is A Free Clinic?

As the medical system in the United States is often provided by the private sector, the cost of health care can be rather high. Despite the existence of Medicaid and Medicare, sometimes the financially disadvantaged still have no means to cover the cost. Thus, Free Clinics become an ideal choice, as they serve as medical care providers for anyone medically underserved. In some cases, you don’t even have to pay for it.

What Is A Free Clinic?_2

1. What Is A Free Clinic?

Free Clinic is a private, non-profit and community-based organization. Designed to address the inequality with regard to health care, they believe that all patients, with or without enough money, shall have the right to receive compassionate and non-judgemental care with dignity. The initial objective of Free Clinics is to promote the accessibility of basic health care to everyone in the United States.

2. Are They Really Free Of Charge?

If you fit in the eligibility for Free Clinics, the answer is a sounding YES. In a community with no universal healthcare or for people who are uninsured or underinsured, the medical services provided by these clinics are absolutely free. Under certain circumstances, a nominal fee is charged to those who are deemed sufficient to pay a fee for the medical care received. The revenue will be used for the management and operation of local Free Clinics.

3. Other Features Of Free Clinics

Free Clinics are often funded by the government or private donors. However, for each clinic, the amount is small. Due to the lack of governmental funding, Free Clinics receive donations of goods and voluntary services to operate. Most of the employees are student volunteers with no salary, so most of these clinics open only a few hours a day. Considering the specialities of local doctors, the services provided by each clinic are rather limited and customized to local situations.

Free Clinics are one of the cheapest health cares for those who cannot afford medical insurance (uninsured) or whose medical insurance can not fully cover the cost (underinsured).

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