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Several Types Of Low-Cost Medical Care

The dilemma of the US medical system is: the financially unprivileged would not spend much of their limited resources on health insurance, as injuries and illnesses rarely happen in daily life. However, when the uninsured or underinsured are in need of healthcare, they will face a price higher than the cost of insurance. For low-income groups or those experiencing severe financial crises, these types of low-cost medical care may be of great help.

Several Types Of Low-Cost Medical Care_2

1. Free Clinics

As a non-profit organization, Free Clinics offer indiscriminate healthcare for anyone in the community. The services they provide range from the treatment of ordinary illnesses to medical testing. For those who are able to pay a fee for medical care, a nominal fee is charged. The services are otherwise free of charge. In spite of the insufficiencies of Free Clinics with regard to the business scope, they do represent a gospel for the uninsured.

For the participant in the Medicaid Program, there might be a better choice.

2. Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

Health Centers provide care on a sliding fee scale in order to make it affordable for anyone. For each patient, the doctor will make a comprehensive assessment of the ability to pay based on factors like salary and typical fees in the area. Through this model, Health Centers can ensure that the cost is customized, reasonable, and thus, affordable.

3. Strategies For Saving Money

After choosing the proper medical facility, there are other things you can do that may cut the expenses even more.

Mention insurance status beforehand. Clinics may offer reduced fees to people who do not have insurance. It is more likely to happen if a person discloses this information before the appointment.

Grasp more information before the decision. Fees vary by location. Consult different clinics in your county and compare their variation in costs for more affordable services.

Pay in advance. Some hospitals offer a discount for people who can pay for the treatment in advance, which is possible when the medical issue is planned.

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