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Services Provided By Free Clinics

Free Clinics function as healthcare safety nets for patients who do not have access to other forms of healthcare. They provide essential services as follows regardless of the patient’s ability to pay: treatment for ordinary illnesses or injuries, main diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and high cholesterol. Besides, they may also conduct a limited range of medical testing, prescription drug assistance, women’s health care, and dental care.

However, Free Clinics can not cover all the injuries or illnesses. Some types of medical treatment are not included or prohibited in these clinics for various reasons. Here are further explanations for their business scope.

Services Provided By Free Clinics_2

1. Services Excluded From Free Clinics

Emergency care or employment-related injuries will be excluded from Free Clinics to maintain fair competition. Most clinics do not provide care for chronic pain either, since that may require them to prepare complex paperwork or governmental regulations. As the aspiration of free clinics is to offer cost-prohibitive services, handling our narcotics is not their formal business.

2. Customized Services Of This Community-Based Organization

With doctors and nurses from different specialties, services provided by Free Clinics from disparate regions can be totally different. For this reason, Free Clinics only see patients from within a limited set of medical conditions. For example, an eye clinic is open on Wednesdays, and patients may consult with psychiatric problems on Fridays. On top of that, based on the prevalent diseases in the region, Free Clinics also provide customized services.

3. How To Know The Services Of Free Clinics Near Me?

If you want more information about the specific services provided by Free Clinics nearby, these ways may be helpful.

First, type in your state and county name to search for Free Clinics near you. Contact information such as fax and zip code will also be provided on the website, as well as the opening hours and their precise locations on the map.

Then, contact the clinics for their specific business scope. For each county may contain several Free Clinics, it is very probable that they can meet your needs.

Finally, if all the Free Clinics nearby fail your expectations, you may try health centers instead. Due to the existence of the sliding fee scale, the cost will also be affordable.

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