10 Most Common Signs Of Lupus

Lupus, aka systemic lupus erythematosus, is quite a serious complication affecting the immune system that protects our body from infections and illnesses. However, people with immune diseases experience a very different reality. Lupus sufferers are suffering from an immune system that attacks the tissues in their own body. This can lead to illness and damage and needs treatment to minimize the symptoms and dangers.

While lupus is not quite common, it is not extremely uncommon either. Statistically, Africans, Asians, and Native Americans have a higher risk of developing lupus than Caucasians. Women are the primary sufferers of this condition, with up to 90% of lupus patients being female. Generally, the condition occurs in younger women aging between 14 and 45.

Whether you have been diagnosed with lupus or not, getting an outline of these most common symptoms of lupus will be a good idea. If you are showing any of these signs, seek medical attention quickly.

Symptom #1: Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common symptoms that people with lupus experience. The first symptom that lupus sufferers get is usually the thinning hair. Hair loss appears when the skin and scalp are inflamed. Once this symptom grows serious, lupus patients may start shedding clumps of hair, though the process is usually much slower.

Hair thinning can occur on any part of the body. Some people experience thinning beard hair, some lose eyebrows and eyelashes, and others get thinning of other bodily hair. Before starting shedding, hair can turn brittle first, thus making it easier to break off. The thin, ragged hair that people with lupus often have is described as "lupus hair." If you get skin lesions on your scalp, then you may be unable to grow hair there again.



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