9 Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

We all know that it is blood that carries essential nutrients and oxygen around our body. A lack of nutrients or oxygen will likely cause severe dysfunction, so a constant flow of blood is essential.

To circulate around the body, the blood needs to be pumped at a certain pressure. Low blood pressure, also known by its medical name of hypotension, occurs when the pressure of blood against the artery walls is lower than is usual, restricting the amount of blood and oxygen flowing to the body's organs. Here are some symptoms that might be present if you have low blood pressure.

Low Blood Pressure Symptom #1: Blurred Vision

Our eyes detect light particles and send the information to the brain through the optic nerves. The brain is then responsible for interpreting that information into something we can make sense of and as a result, we see the beautiful world around us.

In cases of low blood pressure (aka hypotension), however, the system mentioned is not functioning as effectively. One result of this is that people may suffer from blurred vision. Patients describe it as though a filter has been placed over their eyes. If you are experiencing blurred vision, you'd better see the doctor.


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