10 Symptoms Of Black Mold

Mold is no stranger to our daily lives. It can be easily found in warm and damp places. If you see mold at home, it means your home needs maintenance or repair. Indeed, given the right conditions, the growth of mold is inevitable.

In most cases, mold can do you no harm, but overexposure to it can cause problems. Black mold, in particular, can produce toxic mycotoxins and cause complications. Exposure to it can cause black mold poisoning, which is accompanied by a variety of symptoms. You might be surprised at how damaging black mold can be, so it must be treated seriously.

Symptom #1: Headache

The exact cause of a headache is often difficult to pin down because a large number of diseases can lead to headaches. Having a headache is certainly not a pleasant experience, but most headaches are completely harmless and will pass after a short time.

Exposure to black mold is a possible cause of a headache. Even though one cannot diagnose successfully through a headache alone, an experienced doctor can determine the cause considering a headache along with other symptoms. Seek professional help if your headaches are frequent and too painful.


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