10 Symptoms And Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

Most of us have a mood that stays at the same level throughout our lives. There, of course, can be mood swings depending on events that happened around us, but these swings tend to be limited and have no significant impacts overall. Generally speaking, we remain a fairly stable mood in our lives.

However, for those with bipolar disorder, mood swings are extreme and frequent. The shifts can appear for no specific reason and drive the person to suffer swings between manic happiness and suicidal depression. Bipolar disorder can damage the lives of sufferers and the lives of people around them.

There are indeed some tell-tale signs showing that a person has bipolar disorder and should seek medical care. Let's look at these 10 main symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Symptom #1: Depression

We all get down now and then as life is tough, making it difficult for us to stay happy all the way. Clinical depression, however, is fairly different from the feeling down in response to life situations. Clinical depression is a condition that can make a person feel sad even when there is no reason to be sad. It can also make people feel so down that they just feel life doesn't seem to be worth living.

Depression is considered a common symptom in patients of bipolar disorder. However, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the diagnosis between people who are experiencing general depression and people who are suffering from depression as a bipolar disorder symptom. Unfortunately, the depression concerned with bipolar disorder cannot be treated with standard anti-depressants as they can only make things worse.


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