10 Low Blood Pressure Diet Foods

High blood pressure is quite common these days due to stressful and hectic lifestyles. Low blood pressure, aka hypotension, is also nearly as common of a problem though and it's not nearly so widely known.

The normal blood pressure of a healthy person should be around 120/80. Low blood pressure refers to blood pressure that falls into a range lower than 90/60.

Symptoms associated with low blood pressure include dizziness, confusion, weakness, nausea, blurred vision, to name just a few. Many of these symptoms are unpleasant and can negatively impact a person's quality of life.

Common causes of low blood pressure are being dehydrated, extreme exercise, and sudden changes in diet. Stress, while generally the cause of high blood pressure, can also lead to low blood pressure.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of that food is one of the most powerful medicines available and many mild conditions can actually be corrected by getting in the proper foods. Therefore, we have compiled here 10 diet foods that can help to raise low blood pressure.

Low Blood Pressure Diet Food #1: Water

While it is not necessarily a food, water is one of the most important things for people with low blood pressure. When you are dehydrated, you will have less blood running through your veins, causing your blood pressure to drop.

Staying hydrated is especially important when you are exercising. Other sources of hydration such as coconut water can be more hydrating than water as they also provide you with electrolytes.


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