10 Common Causes Of Hives

Hives, known medically as urticaria, are an outbreak of swollen bumps or little plaques that appear on the skin, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere. any of us have experienced hives at some point, whether they were caused by allergies, illness, or something else. 

The symptoms varied from situation to situation. In most cases, they are just itchy, but they can become painful, causing a burning or stinging sensation. Hives also varied in sizes, some can be small as a pinhead while some as big as a saucer. The following are 10 things that may trigger hives. You can seek instant treatment once identifying the potential causes.

Cause #1: Foods

Hives from food are typically allergic. It can arise if you have a newly developed allergy, or if you have eaten anything unfamiliar that you never know you were allergic to. Be cautious when eating foreign fruits and vegetables. Up to 90% of reactions from food are caused by shellfish, various nuts, eggs, and milk. Allergic reactions trigger the release of histamines, which cause sweating, itching, and swelling.


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