10 Common Causes Of Bloated Stomach

A bloated stomach or abdominal bloating is a common and non-specific symptom that can be seen in many conditions. It can impact individuals of all ages, races, or genders. A bloated stomach can be linked with organic disorders, functional gastrointestinal disorders, or appear by itself.

The affected individual usually suffers from a tight and full abdomen. In rare cases, the bloating can also lead to pain and shortness of breath. Pain caused by abdominal bloating is often sharp and tends to change locations quickly.

The pain can be so intense that sufferers may mistake it for heart-related pains particularly if it radiates to the upper left side of the chest. People may also confuse the pain felt on the right side with gallbladder or appendix issues. The discomfort of a bloated stomach can be relieved with dietary modifications and medications.

Cause #1: Overeating

An individual is considered to have overeaten if the person consumes more food compared to the energy he or she is expected to expend. It can be defined as an eating disorder, which can lead to weight gain and abdominal bloating.

People who are compulsive overeaters consider food as a way to comfort themselves when they are stressed, depressed, or feel helpless. Treatment of overeating involves cognitive behavioral therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy. Overeating is often associated with body image issues.


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