10 Causes Of Lightheadedness

Lightheadedness, or dizziness, is very common in our daily lives. From feeling a bit tipsy to outright almost fainting, lightheadedness is no stranger to everyone. We sometimes tend to assume that it is just caused by some minor things, such as the altitude of your position or spinning too much.

Although it may sometimes mean next to nothing, lightheadedness may be a symptom of other more severe illnesses. If you think that you are having lightheadedness too often, you should go to the nearest doctor because the cause behind it might be more severe than you think.

Cause #1: Vertigo

Vertigo may be the reason for lightheadedness for senior citizens. As people age, cells may breakdown, which is why older people experience more of this. Vertigo occurs when there is something is wrong within your inner ear. If the things from your inner ear start to move inside your brain, you will have a spinning feeling. 

Your brain and inner ear have a very delicate structure, and even a little injury on your head is enough to trigger vertigo. You know you have vertigo if you feel that everything around you seems to spin. Moving your head does not seem to make a difference, but it only makes things worse.


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